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The Billings Fence Company may be your number one source of all things fences, but we provide more than that. Aside from the full range of fence types possible, we also offer materials that are not fences but are closely related in terms of function and structure. One of these is the dog kennel.

Dog kennels are familiar to many of us. These are structures made with wire mesh or interlinked metals that are specifically designed to provide dogs with a place where they can stay. They give dogs a suitable place to be in, where they can play and get some fresh air. This is great for the health when compared with the alternative of simply staying indoors all day long.

The Billings Fence Company serves many types of customers when it comes to the demand for dog kennels.

Among the most common ones is the private dog owners. Usually, these owners would only need a smaller single unit type of fence for their dogs. The size can vary for bigger dog breeds and for those who own more than one dog.

Among the other patrons we have are veterinarians, dog rescuers, pet breeders, and pet hotel owners. Since their sites and compounds would need to house more than one dog at a time, larger dog kennels units are given to them. Most of the time, these are the multiple unit ones.

Due to the varying needs of all people who are looking for dog kennels, it is important that we cater to each of the specific needs that they have. Therefore, the Billings Fence Company offers customization services for every order for dog kennels that we receive.

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Here are some tips in choosing a site for your dog kennel. Make sure that you have enough space, enough shade, and enough distance from your neighbor.

For dog kennel needs and other fence installation jobs in Billings, call us at 406-303-4455.